Latest News

  • 2017
    Aircraft Research Association Ltd and Cranfield University form the ANACO project consortium

  • October 2018
    ANACO project launch
    Isolated nacelle design space and WT test techniques investigations commence

  • March 2020
    Feasibility of wing pressure field simulation assessed

  • April 2020
    Nacelle design, optimisation and down-select of 3-D nacelle geometries for validation by wind tunnel test complete
    CFD simulation of wind tunnel test configuration complete

  • October 2020
    Critical design review for wind tunnel experiment

  • May 2021
    Novel test techniques development, trials and down-select complete

  • July 2021
    Test rig shakedown in ARA TWT

  • December 2021
    CFD simulation and assessment of aircraft installed compact nacelle drag benefit complete

  • January 2022
    Test rig improvements complete
    Enhanced experimental calibration techniques established

  • February 2022
    ANACO nacelle models testing in ARA TWT

  • July 2022
    Nacelle numerical design tools validation complete

  • October 2022
    Design rules for short, slim engine nacelles established

  • November 2022
    ANACO project completion